Poison Ivy Citizen Scientist

Year-round Data Collection

Enter the approximate location of your plant using the interactive map, or manually enter GPS coordinates:



Date poison ivy plant was observed:

Growth habit:
vine shrub patch

Approximate maximum poison ivy plant height
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Shape of leaf edges/margins
(e.g. even, lobed, # of lobes, or serrated):

Did this plant show any evidence of producing seeds
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Describe any animals or insects observed eating poison ivy leaves:

Optional digital image submissions:
One digital image showing the entire plant:

One digital image of a typical compound leaf (one compound leaf = three leaflets). If possible, have someone hold a one US or Canadian Dollar paper bill next to the leaf for size scale. If you live outside of North America you may use a comparable paper currency:

One digital image of an insect feeding on a poison ivy leaf, or a diseased looking leaf or stem:

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Thank you for participating in this research as a citizen scientist!