2019 Poison Ivy Citizen Scientist Project

Jelesko Laboratory at Virginia Tech

Purpose: The Jelesko laboratory is interested in recruiting the collection of text and image data about poison ivy: growth, leaf shape, herbivory, microbial disease symptoms, and geospatial data. We solicit your poison ivy observations, so that together we can make new discoveries about poison ivy that are beyond the scope of the personnel in the Jelesko lab. These findings will hopefully lead to new insights into poison ivy ecology, biogeography, and future novel poison ivy management methods.

None of the requested data requires touching a poison ivy plant. In fact, you are strongly discouraged from touching any poison ivy plant as part of this project.

Data collection projects:
General poison ivy observations (year round)
Breaking winter bud dormancy dates
Flower bloom dates

Please enter data for one poison ivy plant per web submission. With that said, multiple independent poison ivy plant data submissions are welcome and encouraged!

The following sites are frequently used for learning how to identify poison ivy and are not affiliated with this project:
Virginia Tech Weed ID - Poison Ivy